Pioneer Park, located at 7505 Hahn Street, is home to the city of Utica's new dog park. The Pioneer Park dog park is not yet open for registration. Please check back in September for updates.

As part of Shelby Township's shared service agreement with Utica, township residents can register to use the dog park for an annual fee. Fees include a key fob for entry to the park. Submit liability waivers and documentation, and pick up key fobs at Utica City Hall at 7550 Auburn Road.


1. In compliance with the Macomb County Animal Control, an incident/bite report will be filed immediately for any incident involving bodily Injury (broken skin) to persons or dogs. You may also want to complete a police report by calling the City of Utica Police Dept. at 586-731-2345.

2. Use of the dog park shall be at the owner's own risk. The City of Utica Is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by any dog in the park.

3. Any dog showing aggression or rough play toward people and/or other dogs must be immediately leashed and removed from the dog park by its owner/handler.

4. Owners are responsible for their dogs at all times. Dogs cannot be out of control, out of your sight, or damaging the park in any way. Your dog must be non-aggressive and under voice command.

5. All dogs must be on leash until inside the dog park common area. Please keep your leash with you at all times.

6. For the safety of all registered dogs, please do not allow anyone without a valid key fob pass, into the dog park.

7. Your key fob is a purchase - not a deposit. If you wish to transfer it to another owner, please let the office know immediately.

8. The dog park is open from dawn to dusk. City of Utica Ordinance

9. Dogs must have current license and immunization records on file with the Recreation office to visit the dog park. A current copy of the owner's driver's license must be on file.

10. Once immunizations have expired, you have one week to update vaccinations and provide paperwork to the office. Otherwise, your key fob will be suspended until proof of updated vaccinations has been submitted to the Recreation office.

11. Owners must dean up pet waste, inside and outside of the dog park. Bags are provided inside the park. Please do not take extra bags for personal use.

12. Not permitted into the park: children under 5 years of age, dogs in heat, and puppies under 4 months old.

13. Limit 2 dogs per adult when visiting the park. Up to 4 dogs in a household can be registered on the same key fob pass.

14. Dogs must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) at all times within the enclosure.

15. Children ages 5 - 17 may only visit the dog park with an adult (18 years or older).

16. Dogs weighing 25 lbs. or less are permitted inside the small dog area as well as, the large dog area (at owner's discretion). Large dogs are not allowed to use the small dog area while small dogs are present.

17. Please place trash and cigarette butts in the proper receptacles.

18. The water fountain is on during the warmer seasons.

Incidents must be reported by phone, email or in-person within two business days. Please call the Utica Police Department 586-731-2345 Non-Emergency or 911 for Emergencies.

For maintenance issues regarding the park, please call 586-739-1600.

Memberships are active for 1 year from the date of purchase or renewal. 


Shelby Township and Utica residents $25
Nonresidents $35
Key fob replacement $10

Buy a Membership  online (see below) or fill out a membership form and visit the City of Utica Town Hall in person.
*If you don't have a household registered in our system, please call 586-731-0300 to have it created.

Contact Utica City Hall at 586-739-1600 for more information.


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